Celebrating India at 75

The 3 Techies team presents a quick recap highlighting the technology industry's impact on India's development path. India's tech industry has contributed significantly to its development with $227 billion in revenue and 5 million employed in the sector. India ranks third globally with 6,000 IT service companies, 2,000 product companies, and 105 unicorns valued at $338.5 billion. Aadhaar provides identity coverage for 99% of the population. Two out of three transactions will be digital by 2026.We hope you enjoy the episode. Do write in to tell us what you think of this episode 3tb@unblox.com

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Samiran Ghosh

Senior Advisor @Archethic

Building Archethic Public Blockchain

Ex-Senior Advisor @McKinsey

Led Digital Transformation Programs

Leadership Roles

IBM, TCS, Microsoft, Aadhaar Program

Nilesh Patankar

Co-Founder @Archethic

Building Archethic Public Blockchain

Ex-Director, VP

Barclays, Mastercard


Contributed to largest loyalty program

Sheetal Choksi

Founder @Unpac Research

A boutique research company

Co-Founder @Word Hatter

A strategic content company

Ex-CMO Shoppers Stop

Strategic Planning, Brand Management

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